3 Jan 2017

Old friendship

This is a story of an old friendship between Tony and JJB; a day Tony knocks on the JJB's door but he's surprised when another girl, hot redhead Ginger Danger, opens the door: "Sorry miss, I heard JJB lives here, I'm an old friend of her" and Ginger;" Yes i'm the roommates of her, she's out right now but she'll be back later, do you wanna come in? So we can wait for her return inside"; naive redhead doesn't yet know that Tony is not there for a booty call; so the bad guy asks for a glass of water and when Ginger returns, Tony, with a , forces her to call with the phone JJB, telling her to get back home cause there's a big surprise for her, and then forces her lying on the sofĂ  with hands behind her back, now the poor girl understands to be in trouble.